Reign Ladies Appreciation [5] - Favourite Fashion

Mary Stuart

Get to know me meme-[7/10] favorite tv couples- Klaus Mikealson and Caroline Forbes- The Vampire Diaries.

'You'll never have to loath the darkest parts of yourself that care for me in spite of all i've done. I will be gone and you'll be free. I just need you to be honest with me.'

otp challenge: [2/4] quotes


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Olicity Appreciation Week Day 2 + Olicity Challenge Season 2 

Funniest Moment

"Olicity Fighting and Someone Interrupted Them  With a Fact “


-Disney Heroines- by Mario Oscar Gabriele

Part 2


Punish the deed, not the breed.

Olicity + Romantic Movie Quotes

Jerry Maguire · Sleepless in Seattle · Before Midnight · The English Patient · As Good As It Gets · The Princess Bride · Casablanca · Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back · Pretty Woman · Gone With the Wind


Favorite Character Meme & Arrow Meme:

[3/4] relationships: Felicity Smoak & Sara Lance.

"I’ve always wanted to say I’ve taken a bullet for someone and now I can. So really, I should be thanking you.”